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1. Corrosion Prevention News @ Conways
11 Sep 2013 @ 09:11

Systems News

- Rouge sliding door and window – See attached news flash
- Starfront now certified by Agrément SA – Design to comply to SANS regulations
- NewYork Balustrade – Now available

Trust Crealco Systems performance and quality, only if…

- Genuine proven Wispeco profiles are used. No copies or imitations.
- Products are manufactured according to Starfront specifications.
- Products are fabricated according to Crealco manuals.
- Products are glazed and installed according to Crealco manuals.
- Products are sealed, maintained and cleaned as per AFSA, AAAMSA and Wispeco guidelines.
- Precautions relevant in hazardous environments.environments.

Training is advised

- Fabrication training: Wispeco strongly recommend that training is undergone to learn system specific fabrication techniques.
- Starfront training: To use the software effectively, design to comply, cost accurately, cut down wastage and reduce estimation time dramatically.

Hazardous Environments (Coastal, Aquatic and Industrial areas)

- Peeling and blistering of powder coating around joints and crevices is not due to poor powder coating. Aluminium industry associations provide educative and precautionary advice for prevention and mitigation of your risk for quality claims. Visit our website for collated industry literature for your convenience.
- Pre-assembly sealing, other than silicone sealing only, is necessary for installations in hazardous coastal, aquatic and industrial environments.
- Some interesting facts about hazardous environments:
- An indoor swimming pool is a chemical rich moist and therefor hazardous environment.
- A bathroom is a moist hazardous environment.
- Rivers, estuaries, dams, etc. is moist hazardous environments.
- South facing humid areas or under ledges/overhangs prevent drying and are hazardous.
- Heavy industrial zones are hazardous environments.
- Filiform, Poultice and Crevice corrosion require prevention. (AFSA’s corrosion pocket guide).
- Cut/Machined surfaces need to be properly cleaned and prepared according to silicone manufacturers’ guidelines before applying silicones to ensure long term sealing?
- Home/Property owners need maintenance guidelines to ensure longevity of product.
- Read more in available industry literature (Visit AFSA, AAAMSA, Akzo Nobel, Ferro, etc. or our website)

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